When we first said “I love you”

OK, this was first posted on Facebook, but it definitely belongs here:

Our official start date was Oct. 13, 2005. I slipped a note that said “Ask me how I feel about you.” into a piggy bank I bought for her sometime in the spring of 2006, but she apparently thought piggy banks were for putting things into–NOT taking things out. One of the first girls I met in Cuernavaca asked me if I loved my girlfriend, and I thought for a minute (because I hadn’t ACTUALLY said it yet) and I said, “Yes!” In the fall semester, she still hadn’t found the note, and I was cleaning up one day at my work-study job when she started singing “skinnamarink-e-dink.” I made sure to be looking away whenever it came to the “I love you” part. Then, when we went to my house that evening, I sang it to her –especially the “I love you” part. She was sitting on an office chair, and we hugged and kissed, and I tried to pull away after a second–she didn’t let me. That’s the story!

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