The bar exam and a perfect world

We’ve made it to Day Three, the final day of the bar exam. Today Zach is going to write 12 essays on various law subjects. The test started at 8 a.m. and I’ll pick him up from the George R. Brown around 4 p.m. I know he’ll be exhausted, but we’re planning on taking a family trip to Boneyard this evening to hang out with some friends and celebrate.

I have been a mess this week trying to figure out how to manage my job possibilities. Notice how I don’t call them “opportunities.” I have a second interview Tuesday for the job I want most. But I’ve practically been offered another job, doing the type work I want to do, but not in the field I want to work in. Neither job offers much in the way of salary, which is incredibly frustrating to me. I knew I’d be working for less than your typical law graduate when I decided to go the non-lawyer route. But I’m pretty disheartened by what I’ve been offered. I constantly wonder whether I’m selling myself short.

In a perfect world, I would coast until the right job came along. I would work hard every day to prepare for it and I wouldn’t feel compelled to take a job that was almost good. Desperation doesn’t exist in a perfect world. I hate being poor.

I’ve decided that I will take no action on the job front today. Today is a good day because Zach is finishing the bar exam. I cannot wait to see him this afternoon. YAY!

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