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Since my last post, Zach and I have started working jobs we both love. Zach gets to be the lawyer he’s always wanted to be since I told him he should be a lawyer. I’m working in non-profit public policy and I have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure I’m not dreaming.

We moved into a new apartment last week. It’s been incredibly stressful trying to juggle job, moving, and wedding responsibilities. But Z insists that this is the best way to do it: get everything stressful done all at once so that we can really relax later.

Moving was an adventure of its own.

Who knew the two of us would have so much stuff? We took at least a dozen trips to Goodwill, sold and gave away things to friends and family, and still managed to require professional movers. Zach took it upon himself to make a junk sculpture outside our old place.

He had lots of time to be creative because the people we hired to move us totally flaked out. First, they told us they’d be later than they first expected. Then they told us they weren’t coming. Then they arrived at the house with a tiny moving truck. Then they said they’d be back the next day. Then Zach had to fire them when they refused to discount the service. Finally, we took a recommendation from Mena’s brother-in-law and we were off to the races with the new movers. The original move was scheduled to take place on Saturday morning. We finally got moved into our new place on Monday afternoon. It was a long, long weekend. Thankfully, we had the Smonejos’ air mattress to sleep on at the new place while everything we owned was prepped to move.

Anyway, we’re back on track now. Things are slowly getting unpacked. The movers weren’t able to get our box spring up our narrow stairs, so Z figured out a way to hoist the box spring up the side of our condo and over the third story balcony using only his ingenuity and some really long extension cords.


Leia sitting on Zach's rigged box spring

Before pulling up the boxspring

After pulling up the box spring

So, there aren’t any good pictures of this ridiculous plan actually going down because I was busy making sure I didn’t get crushed by a falling box spring. Still, it was an impressive feat. I’m glad Amy was there to witness it because it’s really hard to believe it actually worked.

In other news, invitations went out this week. Thanks to Mena, Mom, and Zach for helping me get those out the door.

Note the wine bottle. Weddings are stressful!

That’s it for this blog post, folks. Tune in next time for the Tales of the Uninsured Caterer. Ooooooo!

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