Legal Lees get licenses

Legal Lees get licenses

We found out yesterday that Zach passed his bar exam. He’s kind of a BIG DEAL! He’ll get sworn in on Monday during a nice ceremony at the courthouse in Houston. After that, he’ll officially be a licensed attorney in Texas. Woooohooooo!

Speaking of being licensed, Zach and I took a little trip down to the civil courthouse and picked up our wedding license today. It was very exciting and I think the lady who did the paperwork, Guadelupe Salas,  thought we were pretty funny with the giddiness. We had to raise our right hands and swear an oath and everything.

Our marriage license is inside that envelop. This is us on the steps of the courthouse.

The Courthouse

Afterward, Zach took me to the 1910 Courthouse where he works.

Zach works in that cool building.

Zach pontificating in his office.

Pretty dome.

Zachary “Atticus Finch” Lee says, “May it please the court.”

We’re getting married in just a few weeks!

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