Down to single digits for our single days

Down to single digits for our single days

That blog title might not make sense at first glance. What it means is that we only 8 more days left to be “singles.” Yep, it’s happening folks. In just one week, we’ll be toasting our friends and family at our rehearsal dinner. I can’t wait!

This evening, we’re putting some work into getting our place cards ready. Zach’s doing some work on our favors, too. Busy, busy, busy! Tomorrow we’re inviting our friends over to help us assemble, fold, label, and pack for the event of the century. I guess I should be managing expectations and not building it up so much. But I’m too excited.

Z and I still haven’t written our vows. It makes both of us completely nervous when we sit down to write them. We have moments of, “HOLY CRAP! There are going to be people there when we confess our love! THIS IS CRAZY!” At least I think that’s what it is. It’s hard to pin down the reason we’re so wound up. We’re both excited AND nervous. And super ready to be married already.

At this very moment, Z is playing video games in the living room while Leia is asleep on the couch. I’m sitting at the dining room table typing this blog entry. And we’re getting married in 8 very short days. YAY!

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