Devilish details

Zachary and I are writing our vows tonight. We’ve put ourselves in different rooms of the house for quiet time. I’m pretty much done with mine after about hour of contemplating and writing. But Z, being the artist and all, is still working.

Yesterday we had our friends over for wedding prep. We assembled centerpieces, folded and ironed napkins, ate cheese dip, personalized favors, drank beer and wine, and made place cards. It was fun and exhausting. We figured out what we were missing for our centerpieces and Zach and I went shopping for a few last minute things today.

We also started working on our seating chart. I’m still a little worried about how it will work out, but also dreading working on it anymore. It’s not easy!

We still have a million details to take care of: picking up our suit and dress from the tailor/cleaners, getting the house cleaned for the rehearsal dinner, making sure everyone knows where they should be and when, deciding where we’re staying after the wedding, etc., etc.

But this is wedding week! No matter what happens from here on out, we’re getting married! YAY! Let’s do this.

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