I started my new job on January 28 and since then I’ve been living in Austin. Fortunately, my boss has been very understanding about how difficult it can be to live in two cities. She’s even given me permission to work remotely when I feel the need to. But at home in Houston, I have a hard time focusing enough to be truly productive during the day. I get distracted by laundry, animals, or other chores. So I’ve chosen to keep making the trek to Austin every Sunday so that I can get to know my coworkers and otherwise benefit from having an office.

Today I am homesick. I haven’t found the balance I’m looking for yet. I want to be productive during the day and happy with my family in the evenings. The combination of missing my husband and pets and the foreign allergens in Austin have made me feel scattered. Seriously, what is up with cedar?

I know this will get easier — and that having a great job and a loving family is a blessing. It’s a good thing I’m homesick because if I weren’t, I’d have a much bigger problem. For Valentime’s Day (not a misspelling — that’s a made up holiday for us), Zach sent me a sweet little bamboo plant. I keep in my office to remind me how good I have it. I’m lucky like the bamboo. I looked at it a lot today. The ladybugs love my bamboo, so I’m never really alone in my office, which is nice.

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