My Giant Photo Organization Project

My Giant Photo Organization Project

Yesterday I began a huge project: Organizing our photos. We have thousands of images saved in boxes and hard drives throughout every room of our house. It seems like an impossible to task to pull all of these photos into one library, but it’s going to happen.

Zach and I are renters. That means that every couple of years, we have to pack up everything we own and move to a new house. In fact, we’ll be going through that process in just a few weeks. I’m dreading the idea of moving — it’s difficult to live by the “everything has its place” mantra, when “its place” is always temporary. So I’m taking control of the situation (at least one piece of it) by consolidating our mementos, photos and albums.

Step one: Gather the images! I dumped all the photos from my iPhone in to iPhoto. We had dozens of old CDs from Walgreens with 10-25 images on each. I dumped each into iPhoto, too. That lead to¬†5,424 photos sorted by year and stored in iPhoto. Photo boxes have been purchased at Michael’s (on sale for $2 each). Today I’m¬†beginning the process of scanning childhood and family photos.

Photo Box

The Doxie: My very friendly scanner.

Zach was in charge of making the coffee and he’s really come through for me on this. Thanks, Z!

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