About Zach

I’m a huge dork. I love Star Wars, and I still play the occasional game of Magic: The Gathering. I also love baseball, journalism, and the intricacies of language and grammar. More than anything, though, I love Kristen.

Right now, I’m a practicing lawyer who has passed the bar exam in both Texas and Illinois. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do every single day. Here’s the thing, though: I hadn’t even considered a legal career before I met Kristen. In fact, I went to law school just to impress her. For the record, I would never recommend that anyone else spend three years and $120,000 to impress a girl. Usually, a couple flowers or a meal at a decent restaurant is plenty impressive. That said, my objectively idiotic gamble paid off incredibly well. Not only did I end up marrying the girl I was trying to impress, but I also got my career started in an incredible field I cannot imagine leaving.

So yeah, I’m pretty happy with my life.